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Production of molds for precision casting technology:
Production of molds for precision casting technology
Production of molds for casting lost wax method - investment casting. The essence of the method consists in making high precision, detachable, non-permanent wax model. Before the casting, The models are removed from the mold melted, burning or dissolving. Followed by casting. Form after solidification of the casting breaks and finished cast is removed. Shape casting can be very complicated.

Our company is engaged solely in the production molds, but not casting. This part of the production process mediated by a customer.

Casting machining:
Casting machining
Machining of the castings is done in CNC machining centers as technical documentation. Is applied to mostly cast steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Since our company also focuses on unit production,we are able to machine castings in small batches. This treatment often requires making special preparation, which allows you to achieve maximum production efficiency with respect to price.

Piece production:
Piece production:
Piece production requires high accuracy, which is an essential prerequisite for the production technology of this type.

High hardness materials puts a high demand on tools, so we use superior tools to achieve the required accuracy. All with respect to time, which at this time is very valuable.

Parts such as inserts for molds, shearing tools and products are often very complex shapes. Therefore, we have a license for CAM software which allows us to generate complex toolpaths for CNC milling.