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About us:

We are an engineering company engaging in the production of precise parts for various applications. Our main production programme is moulds and tools. We use up-to-date technologies which enable us to design, produce and control the produced parts effectively and reliably. We have many years of experience in the production of moulds for precise and pressure casting. We machine these precise parts on five-axes CNC machine centres and measure them on a modern 3D certified Mitutoyo machine. We engage mostly in the construction of tools, milling, turning, grinding, measuring, wire cutting and electro-erosive machining. Our programme includes also piece by piece production, production of plastic parts, adjustment of moulds and processing of castings. We meet our targets also thanks to a very well equipped tool-making workshop.

Construction and production of tools and moulds:

The design of a tool or mould is a process based on the cooperation with the customers and many years of experience with the construction. This enables us to construct and produce mould both for pressure casting and precise casting. The combination with the tool-making workshop equipped with sophisticated machinery such as five-axes CNC machine centres makes the production process competitive and flexible. The designer makes a 3D tool design on the PC and hands it over to the production when approved. The subsequent assembly and adjustment of the tool is made already in the press together with the testing.

3D Measurement and quality control on modern Mitutoyo or Tesa measuring equipment:

The Mitutoyo machine was completely innovated in 2015. Mitutoyo BHN706 is a precise measuring machine with Renishaw PH10 measuring head able to measure with an accuracy of 0,0035 mm. The machine is certified according to ISO 17025. The customers can rely on its accuracy. In combination with the newest software and control system it measures part with big accuracy and minimal deviation. It big advantage is that the measured 3D model is imported and subsequently compared with the actually machined part. It can also print the measurement protocol or graphical protocol containing the measurement results compared with the 3D model.

CAM programming:

The company holds a license with the most up-to-date CAM software allowing an accurate and reliable production of complicated parts. We follow the newest machining trends and equip our CNC workplaces accordingly. Having in mind all machining criteria we can determine the most economic strategy to reduce the production costs. We pay the utmost attention to the surface quality and accuracy when producing and creating a new programme. During the production we can immediately measure with a 3D measuring device and print a protocol which saves time and eliminates mistakes. Our CNC operators are also able programmers. They are in permanent contact with the tool production process thus reducing idle times in the assembly and adjustment process.